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Friday Five – Better Late Than Never Edition

May 30, 2008

Tweet Sorry for being tardy. It was a busy day. Creative Techs has a post on making your own pinhole camera Digital Photography School ‘s has a post on branding your photography business David Hobby at Strobist has just released his lighting DVD Burns Auto Parts – how not to win customers Shoot the Blog’s […]

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"Made for Digital" Lenses will be Worthless in the Future

May 28, 2008

Tweet Did that get your attention? With Nikon now sporting a full frame camera (D3). Do you think Canon is going to sit on it’s butt and do nothing? No way! IT’S ON!!!!! This is a good thing for photographers. Competition between the two will bring better and better cameras to the market. And cheaper […]

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The "J" Word

May 26, 2008

Tweet JPEG… There I said it. Why am I talking about JPEG? I’m going to be shooting RAW + JPEG for a little while with my Canon G9 and my new Nikon D300 (when it arrives). I would normally shoot only RAW with both cameras but I got my hands on a copy or Pixelmator […]

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First Class Twit of the Minute

May 24, 2008

Tweet I did it! I am now a twitterer tweeterer twitonian twizzler… I’m on Twitter! Follow me, PLEEEEAAASE.

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It's On It's Way!

May 24, 2008

Tweet I’m so excited! I just got my confirmation e-mail. My order for my brand spankin new Nikon D300 has been processed. I should have it within a week. So why the switch to Nikon? I’ve been a Canon shooter since 1999 (first film, then digital), and previous to that I shot with a Contax […]

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Friday Five – Building a photo business, 6 media apps for Mac, New image uses, Hard drive back-up, Your face on a book

May 23, 2008

Tweet This weeks Friday Five: Seth Godin wants you! Well, just a photo of you for the cover of his new book. You could be famous! Check it out. Photoshop Insider has a post about the importance of backing up your hard drive and how much it could actually cost you. Burns Auto Parts (don’t […]

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Vancouver Mac Geeks Rejoice!

May 23, 2008

Tweet Tomorrow is a big day for any Vancouver area Mac user, or anyone who wants to find out more about Mac computers. It’s the grand opening of the first ever Apple Store in BC! Check it out here.

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Exposure Adjustment Chart

May 17, 2008

Tweet The above video was shot using a Canon PowerShot G9 The chart is pretty straight forward and I hope the instructions are clear and easy to understand. The PDF is sized to 4″ X 6″ so you can print it out and keep it in your camera bag or keep it on your iPhone, […]

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Friday Five – PDN Photo Annual 2008, NYPH 08, Unscene Tour, Are You Talented? And MEATWATER!

May 16, 2008

Tweet May 16, 2008. I’m going to keep this weeks Friday Five short. It’s too nice of a day here to stay inside (Sunny and Hot!) PDN Photo Annual 2008 – Some great images to inspire you. NYPH 08 – The New York Photographers “love” Festival. Unscene Photography Tour – Get your photos in! Are […]

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So You Want to be a Professional Photographer?

May 11, 2008

Tweet The above video was shot using a Canon PowerShot G9 I’ve been reading online a lot of people asking about how to become a pro photographer. There are many ways one can do that, but there are few things to think about. Shoot what you like and what you’re good at. Remember, it’s a […]

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