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Friday (More Than) Five – OMFG Edition

August 29, 2008

Tweet I don’t know about you, but I’ve had this stupid grin on my face since Tuesday. Why? Because Canon and Nikon introduced some fabulous cameras and lenses on Tuesday and Wednesday. Great cameras at great price points. On Tuesday Canon announced the 50D. 15.1 megapixels and 6.3 frames per second. Also announced, was EF-S […]

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August 27, 2008

Tweet Hello, my name is Mike and I’m an addict! I can’t help myself, I need my addictions to get by. If I don’t get my fix I become irritable and cranky. The first step is admitting I have a problem. I have been hiding some of my addictions from you for far too long. […]

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Friday Five – It’s Wonderful, 50D, Getting Stern, Ski Shot, Eating & Drinking

August 22, 2008

Tweet After last weeks photo shoot that was quickly followed by a busy week, I’m finally able to get to my blog. Let’s get started with weeks Friday Five! – it’s a cool name and what they do is even cooler. They bring photographers and clients together. Check em out! Can it be true! […]

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Friday Five Delayed

August 15, 2008

Tweet Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I’m in the middle of a photo shoot today and I’ll try to get around to the Friday Five as soon as I can!

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Friday Five – Aperture, Chase, Vincent, Eyeball, Crankworx

August 8, 2008

Tweet This weeks Friday Five is brought to you by ibuprofen… “Ibuprofen for when you hear and feel your shoulder pop while riding your mountainbike.” OK, let’s get started! There is a new section on Aperture’s website called “Aperture in Action“. I know, it’s marketing stuff! But there is some cool little tips in the […]

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Nikon CLS (Creative Lighting System) – Part 2 – The Shoot

August 7, 2008

Tweet The video above is the second part to the first post Nikon CLS (Creative Lighting System) – Basic Set-up. I go through the basics of adjusting the light output of a Nikon SB-800 flash using the in camera CLS commander mode. Let me know your thoughts.

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Back Online… Finally!

August 3, 2008

Tweet You may have been wondering where I’ve been. I’ve been sitting at home patiently waiting for a new modem to arrive. The old one blowed up good, so I couldn’t get online. Things are all better now

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