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I'm Back From a Little Time Off

September 26, 2008

Tweet Did you miss me? I missed you! The last few weeks have been exciting and relaxing. I had one of my best friends come and visit me here in Whistler. So, I took time off to spend it with her. We did a lot of touristy things here in Whistler. It was fun being […]

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Friday Five – EOS Evolution, HP Goes Naked, Chrome, BS Photos, and AP2 Tip

September 5, 2008

Tweet I’m going to keep this weeks Friday Five short and sweet. Let’s go! It’s coming! It’s coming! Well at least something is. Canon has put a teaser on their site “Destined Evolution“. Sometimes it takes just one company with a great idea to change the world. Let’s hope HP’s idea of selling their laptops […]

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Reflectors and Fill Cards

September 3, 2008

Tweet I love experimenting with light and shadows. And this is one such experiment. The experiment is very simple: What would happen it the same subject was shot under the same light conditions using no card/reflector, a silver reflector, a white card, and a black card. You might be surprised with the results. Lets take […]

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