Hello, my name is Mike and I’m an addict! I can’t help myself, I need my addictions to get by. If I don’t get my fix I become irritable and cranky.

The first step is admitting I have a problem. I have been hiding some of my addictions from you for far too long. You already know one of my addictions. Photography. The other two I have hinted at, but never fully revealed to you. OK… Here goes! My other two addictions are……. Mountain biking and skiing. Whew, there I said it! I’m so messed up, I even managed to get my fix for all three addictions in one day. One Day!!!! I have a serious problem!

What am I going to do? The other two addictions have kept me from posting about my photography addiction. If I’m not shooting, I’m mountain biking or skiing (I’m so messed up I even go back country skiing). You deserve complete honesty. This blog ( will continue provide great photography info and how-to’s. But, from now on I’m going to incorporate mountain biking and skiing into this blog too.

I am just started a new personal project. I’m am building a new mountain bike with the parts I want. I have the frame, a Specialized Pitch Pro and now I’m going to build the “Perfect Pitch”. While I’m building the bike I will shoot everything I find interesting. I’m not talking about taking snap shots, but true product shots with video and and detailed how-to information about the shots I take.

During the winter the mountains and skiing around Whistler are breath taking. I will be shooting and providing shooting information about the shots I take and a few little surprises too.

I can no longer just share just one addiction with you! You’re getting the whole enchilada.

Cheers :-)

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