Bruised and Slightly Battered

Today’s DIY light modifier video post is postponed. Why, you might ask. I had a minor mountain biking accident. I fall and go boom! Over the bars and landed on my right shoulder and sprained my middle finger on my left hand. It wasn’t even on a difficult section of the trail (Lumpy’s Epic – Pemberton, BC) I just lost my concentration for split second and that was enough to cause my crash. (Note to self – don’t crash!)

I need to rest up for a shoot I’m doing tomorrow night for one of my best clients. So I’m off to ice my shoulder and my finger. I’ll try to post something about the shoot and the light modifier shortly.

This post was so much fun to type with just one hand and not using my middle finger :o)

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2 Responses to "Bruised and Slightly Battered"

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