Canon HF M300 Review [Video]


I got my hands on a Canon HF M300 camcorder over a week ago and I’ve been testing it out ever since. After a little time using the HF M300 I decided this would be my “go to” camera for my video posts on this site and on my other site This camera has some impressive features and specifications that I’ll discuss in a little bit. It’s very easy to use. It has excellent image quality and it has manual controls.

Take a look at the video review below:


  • Full HD camcorder – 1080p recording at 24 and 30fps up to 24Mbps
  • 3.3 MegaPixel stills
  • Optical image stabilization
  • Touch screen LCD
  • 15X optical zoom
  • SD/SDHC memory card compatible
  • DIG!C DV III processor
  • Mic input
  • AV out/headphone output

Using the camera

The HF M300 feels solidly built and has some heft to it. Most of it seems to be made from plastic, but it still feel durable. It should take a knock or two, but I wouldn’t recommend trying that on purpose.

The zoom is smooth. The LCD is bright. And, it fits nicely into my hand (average size man hand) and it’s easy to start using right out of the box.

My only real complaint about the Canon HF M300 is the touch LCD display. It is difficult to operate smoothly. Every time I tried scrolling through the menus I would somehow manage to press the menu item I didn’t want. It was a pain in the butt. Luckily, the remote that comes with the camera operates the menus perfectly. YAY!

Audio/Video quality

As you can see, from the video above, the video quality is excellent. It compares very well to the Canon 7D video I shot at the beginning of the review. It’s crisp, clean and noise free. The audio quality of the HF M300 seems better than the 7D audio, even though I was using the same Audio Technica ATR3350 Lavalier microphone with both cameras.


I would rate the Canon HF M300 as “Good.” The video quality is good. The audio quality is excellent with a microphone attached and only decent without a mic. It’s easy to use and has manual controls for more creativity. If you’re a film-maker you will definitely want a better camera. However, if you want to capture events in your life in HD and want a camera that’s user friendly. This camera will work like a charm.

Video bloggers take note: The Canon HF M300 blows away most point and shoot cameras, as well as the blogging style cameras that shoot HD. It doesn’t fit into your pocket, but the quality it produces more than makes up for it. If you’re serious about HD Video Blogging you should seriously consider getting the HF M300. You’ll thank me later.

Video link:

What video camera are you using?

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