Friday Five – Gadget Edition

Today’s Friday Five is brought to you by your credit card company… Kidding. Here are few photography products I think are cool:

  • Lon over at has some pretty cool products. I just recently received an umbrella adaptor from him and it’s well built! I can’t believe he’s only selling it for $14. Check out some of the other stuff he carries also.
  • VisibleDust has come out with a new sensor cleaning brush with a built in light so you can see what the heck you’re doing. I’ve had one of their products (sans light) for a while and they work great!
  • I found a little while ago when I was searching for a ski touring photo backpack. They seem to know exactly what an active photgrapher needs.
  • Calibrate, calibrate, calibrate! As photographers we all know how important calibration is. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could buy just one product to calibrate your monitor and your printer? Wait! You can! Check out the Colormunki photo.
  • Anyone who has never used a graphics tablet to work on their images, should give it a try. Now you can buy an affordable Cintiq LCD graphics tablet for under a $1000… Wow!
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