Friday Five – The Flickr/Getty Edition

“And in this corner… weighing in at over 2 billion images (some of which are actually very good)… iiiiiiiitttt’ssss FlickGetty!!!!!!”

If you haven’t heard the news yet. You must have had a very good and long nap. Getty images and Flickr have joined forces. What? It seems Flickr will allow Getty to sift through the billions of images on it’s site and let Getty contact the photographers to work out a licensing agreement… (insert needle scratching vinyl record noise here)… Haven’t stock agencies been contacting the good Flickr photographers already?

The following links (there are more than five) will give you a decent understanding of what’s going on. Some of the posts are very one side and real gold in the comments. Please read on and post any thoughts and experiences you might have further down the road.

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2 Responses to "Friday Five – The Flickr/Getty Edition"

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