"Made for Digital" Lenses will be Worthless in the Future

Did that get your attention?

With Nikon now sporting a full frame camera (D3). Do you think Canon is going to sit on it’s butt and do nothing? No way! IT’S ON!!!!! This is a good thing for photographers. Competition between the two will bring better and better cameras to the market. And cheaper and cheaper full frame cameras. That’s right! Affordable full cameras are on their way. Yippie!

The 1.5X and 1.6X crop factor cameras will still be around, but they will be the low end, entry level cameras. And the associated lenses will be considered to be the same. Low end, entry level. That expensive “made for digital” lens you just bought will still take great photos in a few years, but it’ll be worth next to nothing. What low end, entry level photographer will want to pay a lot of money for a lens that they can’t take with them when they decide to upgrade to a full frame digital camera? Not many.

So what should you do? Sell all yourmade for digitallenses now! Start buying lenses that can be used on full frame cameras. You know that once the full frame cameras are in your price range you’re going to get one. So, why buy lenses that you can’t use in the future.

What are your thoughts on digital lenses and the future of digital SLR’s?

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4 Responses to ""Made for Digital" Lenses will be Worthless in the Future"

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