Something is Coming

You know when life gets busy and your priorities change. Well, that happened to me. I stopped posting here just when things really started getting interesting in the world of digital photography. DSLR’s were introduced that could shoot HD video, new camera formats were introduced and post processing advanced by leaps and bounds.

So, what happened to me? It wasn’t any conscious decision that I made to stop posting on this website. I just stopped posting for no real reason. Maybe I got discouraged and thought nobody was reading the blog or watching my videos. Maybe I got bored. Or both. I’m not sure. Let me tell what has happened since I stopped posting. My videos on YouTube have had over 80,000 views and I have over 100 subscriber to my channel. Holy Carp! And, the comments for my videos were mostly positive (can’t stop the haters).

I want to thank everyone who visited this site, my YouTube channel and who posted comments. You guys are the ones who are getting me back into doing this again. Things will be different. I can promise you that. I’m planning some changes to the site and the format in which I’m going to present my posts. I will keep you updated and please check back often. Only a few more days left!

Thanks everyone,


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