Video on a DSLR??? Holy Cow!

Everyone is talking about the Canon 5D mkII and the Nikon D90. Why? They both shoot HD video. People are saying this is a huge paradigm shift regarding these camera’s being able to shoot video. Erm, compact digital cameras have been doing this for years! I know, but this is HD! So what. Focusing is an issue and so is recording sound. Video on a DSLR is a convenience feature. Nothing more. At least for now. When the next generation of video capable DSLR’s come out, that can focus quickly and have stereo sound. We might be having a different discussion.

Let me explain my thoughts a bit more. Will a professional photographer shoot a full length feature film with one of these cameras? Probably not. Will a professional photographer shoot video for any of their clients? Not likely. Will photographers make silly videos to send to family and friends? You betcha! However, will some talented filmmakers jump all over these cameras and make amazing films. Of course. It looks like these cameras will be used to make great still images by talented photographers, or great films by talented filmmakers, But rarely used for both. There are those people out there that are talented photographers and talented filmmakers but I can’t see this generation of DSLR’s filling the needs for these gifted artists.

Another thing to consider. It could cause problems for some professional photographers. “I’m sorry Mr./Ms. professional photographer, but you can’t bring that camera into this venue because it shoots video and you’re not allowed to shoot video.” Says the security officer. “But, I’ll only shoot stills!” Pleads the photographer. “Sorry, no can do!” What’s a photographer to do?

Are we ready this type of convergence? Yes, but we are a going to have to wait for this merging of technologies to advance far enough that capturing both stills and video equals or betters current technology. And once that happens we’ll have to call ourselves “photogravideographers”

What are your thoughts?

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