Zoom Q3HD Review & Comparison

Is the Zoom Q3HD worth spending your hard earned cash on?

I’ll answer that question in the video and the review below.

I wanted to do something a little different with this review/comparison. I wanted to compare the Zoom Q3HD to an equivalently priced camera and audio recorder combination. The reason for this review/comparison is find out if the convenience of a single device can produce roughly the same quality of a camera and audio recorder combination.

In the video you’ll see the video quality of the Zoom Q3HD is not as good as the Canon SD1400is. After I shot the video, both cameras filming at the same time, I noticed the file size of the Q3HD was less than 1/4 of the size of the Canon SD1400is video file. After looking at the videos I realized the bit rate for the Q3HD was much lower than the SD1400is. Causing the lower quality video.

The video was shot in low light. Recently, I shot another comparison video in much brighter conditions and the video quality was similar. That video will be posted on another site very shortly, when it’s available I’ll post the link here.

The audio of the Q3HD is excellent! It’s just as good as the Zoom H2. Zoom is known for their high quality audio recorders. And the Q3HD is no exception.

If I had to pick between the Zoom Q3HD and the Canon SD1400is with a Zoom H2 audio recorder. I would pick the SD1400 with and H2 every time. The reason is simple. Great videos have good video and audio quality combined. The Zoom Q3HD offers good audio with poor quality video. If Zoom managed to increase the bit rate of the video recording through a firmware upgrade, this would make it one serious video making tool.

Take a look at the video below and judge for yourself.

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-OU0vPCNX0

If you have had similar or better results with the Zoom Q3HD, please post them in the comments below.

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